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Power Of Agrud


Intelligent NLP Engine

Agrud newsfeed is based on an NLP engine for modelling grammatical patterns & data mining. Summaries are created through extraction, but maintain readability by keeping the sentence dependencies intact.


Powerful Machine Learning

Our AI technology + Learning algorithms have been trained to extract relevant information from a large volume of raw data for a better user experience.


Intuitive NLG Engine

Stella, Our Artificial Intelligence & data analytics engine converts data to information based on its analytic engine which identifies key-data options and creates news and notification.

Features To Explore


Curation with relevance
(Contextual search)

Agrud curates contents that are highly relevant & focused to you or to your audience. Discover content instantly on the assets of your choice. Stay informed!

Deep and Broad

One stop shop for any quantitative analytics - in easily searchable format. Converting data into information. Revolutionizing financial journalism. Timely notifications.


Precise & Personalized Financial
News Feed

You select the assets and we deliver the news. Our technology creates a different financial news feed for every person. A financial news feed just like your personalized notification on social media sites.

Converting in any & all

Automatically deliver your content wherever you want. Web newspaper, social networks, email newsletter to build your brand. Effortlessly share anything.


Stella - The AI Engine Of Agrud Weekly Analyzes

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1000000 +

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