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Life at Agrud

"This is day one." It’s a phrase we’ve been repeating for some time now, but it’s something that’s become a fundamental part of our team’s culture — we’re just getting started.

Currently at Agrud, we are building Stella, our Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Engine. Though Stella is going to be your virtual assistant and is a robot, Agrud is made of real people, living real lives, making a real living, crafting AI-powered Stella. We're talking about hard working, blue collar artists, crafting Stella with their hands and hearts. While most of these are established professionals, few are novice but with great talent, passion and energy. Coders & Designers. Marketers & Analysts. Fathers and Mothers. Family and Friends.

At Agrud we celebrate design, beauty and experience at every turn — from the images on our site, to building AI-powered Stella for content aggregation, to building our summarizer, to the experience of personalising and distributing your content through Stella.

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. Technology has solved a lot of problems for us but very few products have technology as Oxygen, necessary but invisible to build products that just work! Our algorithm has this amazing ability to learn and automate your content woes cutting through the noise of web content. We at Agrud also understand that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. So we are building Stella to be effective and efficient assistant allowing us to do things more quickly in a time-strapped world, especially in finance domain where timely news is all that matters.

We hold firmly to a few core values: We value collaboration and we we value having fun and finding joy while building awesome stuff. We believe in fighting the good fight. And we believe building a great team and doing great work always trumps the bottom line. There is a rising tide and we are all floating up together.